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Global Styles for core blocks in the editor UI#42

Core blocks such as lists, tables, and navigation are extremely limited in styling options. (Perhaps FSE themes offer more support for styling them?) Obviously, the existing GB blocks cannot substitute for those core blocks.

With the huge Global Styles improvements in GB 1.9/1.7, I would love to see those controls directly accessible on core blocks, not only to allow for changing default styling, but particularly to allow for alternate styles to easily be created.

For example, the core table block has only plain and striped styles available. I might want to add an alternate style that has striped columns instead of striped rows.

Or I might want an alternate list style that has different list item markers — or no markers, only custom margins.

And the navigation block is so limited that I don’t even know where to start with examples!

If GB’s Global Styles could be integrated with the core blocks (not only used through a workaround of styling dummy GB blocks and manually applying the classes to the core blocks), it would be a massive improvement for my pagebuilding.

5 months ago