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PLease allow global style updates in-context#37


I’m an avid user of Generate Blocks Pro, particularly impressed by the global styles feature for its efficiency. However, updating these styles to align with real post content could be streamlined.

I propose two enhancements to further improve workflow:

A) “Update Global Style” Button: Situated in the block attributes panel, this button would allow users to apply local style overrides to the global style directly, with a confirmation prompt to ensure intentional changes.

B) Global vs. Block Style Editing Toggle: A toggle feature for blocks using global styles, with a visual indicator (e.g., background color change in the metaboxes or a sticky notice), would clarify which style level is being edited.

These features could significantly ease style management, benefiting users across all skill levels and making an excellent tool even more versatile.

I recognize the potential technical challenges but believe these enhancements could substantially boost user efficiency and satisfaction. Thanks for considering these suggestions and for your dedication to improving Generate Blocks Pro!

6 months ago